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Kong Chow Wui Koon (KCWK) is one of the oldest Chinese clan associations in Singapore. It was founded in 1840 by Xinhui clansmen who came from Guangdong’s Pearl River Delta. The KCWK has since its inception stressed the importance of culture and heritage in building a cohesive society. Hence,it has long opened its door to many talented and enthusiastic non-Xinhui clansmen. Well-known for its traditional Chinese martial arts, lion and dragon dance, as well as Cantonese opera, KCWK members regularly perform both locally and abroad, and have done the clan association proud by winning numerous national and international awards.


In July 2013, the Kong Chow Cultural Centre (KCCC) was established. This ‘living’ museum, equipped with graphic exhibits and multimedia kiosks, showcases its unique cultural characteristics - featuring artifacts, dynamic display of traditional Chinese martial arts, lion and dragon dances, and Cantonese Opera, as well as interactive hands-on activities. KCCC reflects the process onhow the Xinhui clansmen as immigrants have integrated into multi-racial and multi-cultural Singaporeand its important contributions in nation-building.This lively Cultural Centre will let visitors feel the past come alive amid on-going activities of the clan association and its robust traditional cultural events. Here visitors will be immersed in a truly Cantonese cultural atmosphere.


Scheduled group visits by students and other groups could be arranged. 



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